Cambridge Consultants, Cambridge - Niche Moveable Walls

Cambridge Consultants, Cambridge

Niche were appointed to design, manufacture / supply and install a glazed acoustic moveable partition system to match in with glazed partitioning by Planet Partitioning. We also provided a further solid panelled moveable partition to meet centrally at 90 degrees to offer high levels of privacy for a newly formed meeting space area close to the main reception area.

The design was a challenge from the start with an unusual head fix detail offset from steel beams, panels requiring ability to negotiate square columns directly along the main centreline, and remote parking-area ‘cupboard’ recesses to hide the panels away when not in use.

The recesses for the main partition run (10M in length) were also to be in very close proximity to the columns, at either side of the opening, making an exact design to facilitate glass panels manoeuvring without clashing with the columns a key requisite.

The project requirement also called for a flush-glazed acoustic partition with automated internal acoustic seals (thus offering high levels of acoustic integrity), a minimal frame work surround behind a flush-glazed panel face (frame painted to suit the glazed partitioning by Planet Partitions), automated wall abutments, inset central pass doors, and ceiling-flush top supporting head track. There was also to be No floor tracks or floor retaining bolt housings allowed. The system design needed the ability to meet centrally to a solid panel (semi-automated acoustic) moveable wall system, which in turn must also must park away remotely when not in use to give the feel of there being no evidence of a wall system on show when the room space is fully required.

All of this was achieved with our revolutionary Commandoor semi-automated flush glazed acoustic moveable wall system in tandem with our semi-automated Multi-Electric flat panelled acoustic moveable wall system which met at 90 degrees.

The Commandoor system matched up perfectly with the Planet Glass single glazed ‘Advanced Glazing’ partition system and the client was very pleased with the result which was a stunning visual impression of design symmetry especially when viewed from the main reception area.

The scheme was also completed on time and within budget.