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Furthermore we would like to inform you of the following

We are pleased to update you with important news concerning Niche.

Multiwal UK is now active again in the UK market reporting directly to Multiwal BV company headquarters in The Netherlands. Multiwal BV is an internationally operating company with offices and production facilities in The Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK.

In the past years Multiwal BV and member of the Multiwal Group Niche Operable Systems Ltd. have been working closely together with Folding Wall Solutions T/A Divisions Ltd, and the decision is made to operate in the market under one name: Multiwal UK Ltd., reporting directly to Multiwal B.V. in the Netherlands.

With this merger there will be one selling point for the Multiwal products in the UK which guarantees an efficient way of working. Therefore the office in Featherstone (Divisions) will be closed and all activities will be centralised in the new headquarters of Multiwal UK Ltd. office in Bury with a sales office in the South. Later this year we will open a sales office in Scotland. This brings together the well-established UK market experience of Niche and Folding with the technical expertise and state of the art production facilities offered by Multiwal BV.

We believe this is an exciting time for all companies and we are really proud to announce the full merger as it allows us to develop our strategy and grow the business across the UK.

Our customers will benefit by buying directly from the producer, from improved service levels, greater resources and market leading product designs on top of years of industry experience in the UK.

Furthermore we guarantee all Multiwal products installed in the UK will be serviced and maintained by Multiwal UK.

For further assistance or information please contact with our headquarter in Bury on 0161 705 4308

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