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Niche Multiwal plans expansion

To enhance our continued growth plans we are currently undertaking an expansion initiative aimed at improving our efficiency and customer service. This currently is taking the form of staff recruitment in key areas and relocation to new premises thus providing greater storage facilities of sliding and folding partitions and a general improved working environment based at a key North West location hopefully secured by the end of the year.  This will help continue our high level of service and installation of sliding partitions.

Interesting schemes we are presently completing…

MMU Salutation public house for the MMU Student Union complete with Multi<>electric moveable wall solutions, various prodigious Central London schemes eg. Kings Cross Station, Social Justice Centre, St Vincent’s school Mill Hill (Etc). Sudley Primary School Liverpool, acting as main contractor, incorporating extensive steel works provision and builders works to accommodate the sub-division of their Main Hall area

Niche MD scales Mont Blanc July 14

Lee Darbyshire, MD, Niche Multiwal moveable walls, has just returned from a trip to the French / Italian Alps where, along with his 18 year old son, Jack, successfully reached the summit of Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest peak 15, 780ft above sea level, after a lengthy preparation period.

Lee Darbyshire said “it has been an ambition to scale the peak with my son ever since I was first guided to the summit back in 1999, we have had abortive attempts in the past due to poor weather conditions which were favourable on the day we planned to summit on this occasion thus making the climb possible”

There was tragedy on the return from the summit with a fellow climber descending at the same time, slipping and falling to his death on the notorious Grand Colouir or death gulley as it is unsavourily known.